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About the Agency

Based in Gainesville, Florida, Ella and Rosa Safe Haven and Care Inc. was founded in the memory of Ella Gilbert and Rosa Rutledge, two extraordinaire grandmothers in their time. Together, they served their communities for more than 20 years providing personal care and homemaking to youth, seniors, families, and individuals with disabilities with compassion, empathy, and superb care.

General Mission

Our mission is to provide motherly, stellar, person-centered, and affordable HCBS to people of ALL AGES that they may lead quality and independent lives.

Mission for Our Youth

Our mission is to inspire and empower youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.


Our vision is to be recognized for superb and nurturing HCBS by providing “out-of-the-box” care and making each person’s care our first priority.

Our Values

  • To keep individuals’ health, quality of life, and security first in delivery of services (a holistic approach)
  • To treat and interact with our individuals served with respect, compassion, and integrity
  • To show respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicities, ages, gender, and disabilities

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